WavEC Offshore Renewables was founded in 2003 – under the name Wave Energy Centre – as a private non-profit association aiming to develop wave energy and support companies and research centres in the area, through technical and political strategies. WavEC is formed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computers, Industrial Management, Biology, Environment, Economics and Business Studies.

In 2013 WavEC changed its name to WavEC Offshore Renewables due to the extension of activities into offshore wind and prospect of expansion to other fields. WavEC defined as its mission to develop offshore renewable energy through the creation and transfer of knowledge, innovation and dissemination. More recently WavEC extending the scope of activities to offshore aquaculture and ocean engineering projects.

Our technical and scientific expertise include:

• Resource assessment and site selection

• Design conditions and feasibility

• Engineering and complex systems modelling

• Instrumentation and data acquisition

• Independent Engineering

• Operation & Maintenance

• Strategy & policy advice

• Environmental and socio-economic impact assessment