The “Fábrica de Startups” is an accelerator of startups whose mssion is to help people to become successful entrepreneurs and to contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship. Internationally present, namely in Portugal and Brasil, the Fábrica de Startups positions itself as a connection point between these two continents and also Macao. Since 2012, more than 2500 entrepreneurs have worked with the methodologies of creation, validation and growth of ideas from Fábrica de Startups.

Fábrica de Startups – Oeiras Hub is a 700sq. m. totally dedicated to entrepreneurship, innovation and to the creation of new companies.

The acceleration programs of Fábrica de Startups have the goal of helping entrepreneurs in the many phases of the process of creation and development of new business.

With or without a team, the methodologies of Fábrica de Startups are based on the conviction that there are no good ideas without clients wanting them and on the belief that 95% of the success of an idea is in its execution.