UBImedical is a space of excellence to promote the connection between the university and the business world. Created to streamline the transference of knowledge in the quest for new technologies, it allows companies to develop the research and the laboratorial tests needed for the effective selling of new products, adding value to the economy.

UBIMEDICAL comprises two distinct areas: the laboratory area and the incubation area. The laboratory area has the mission of supporting and transferring technology, and comprises a set of resident laboratories coordinated by UBI professors in the areas of health and life sciences. The incubator welcomes entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the same areas.

This structure has enriched the health cluster in Portugal, acting as spill-over linking the University to the market.

The focus of the UBIMEDICAL incubator is to provide the best conditions to develop the projects, offering premium physical spaces at competitive prices, privileged conditions for access to specialized entities (consultancy in the fields of science and technology and management) and facilitated access to public entities, investors and financiers that can support business growth.

Coaching and mentoring are tools that are available to entrepreneurs to mitigate risk and support the acceleration of the entrepreneurial project and its entrepreneurial skills.