Oncostats is a startup located in Braga and founded in 2016 with the main vision to create an international hub of the utmost quality oncology data, enable the diverse stakeholders to extract value in a way that has not been possible thus far.

OncoStats is a software that was developed to solve specific problems regarding clinical data records in Oncology. Its main objective is to empower oncology health professionals and cancer institutions with structured clinical data in Oncology captured in their daily practice.
Starting from this inherent capability to capture structured clinical data, OncoStats supports the decision making process, leveraging clinical practice and improving the way we treat cancer patients.

In its core, by being a platform that solves the “day-to-day” problems of oncology health professionals, OncoStats “unlocks the access” to clinical data from the real world (“Real-World Evidence or RWE”), whose impact weighs heavily on the healthcare industry and the future of cancer care.

OncoStats allows for the structured aggregation of clinical real world data (RWD) and the ultimate generation real-world evidence (RWE) on cancer diagnosis and treatment outcomes.