Nanopaint emerged as a Spinoff from the University of Minho in 2016, having acquired a strong know-how on electroactive polymers, composites and nanoparticle synthesis, for more than 10 years. Our purpose is to supply innovative functional inks for the printed electronics market, which is why our materials are subjected to rigorous testing standards to ensure the best quality and performance. Nanopaint’s team is composed of highly trained and experienced people with expertise in physics, chemistry, electronics and materials engineering, dedicated to the achievement of the best products to our clients.

Nanopaint produces distinctive functional inks which can be optimized for different printing techniques: screen printing, spray, inkjet, doctor blade, among others. We also produce standard film sheets with specific proprieties and we are able to offer customized printed sensors according to customer needs.Nanopaint support every client’s project from the early to the final stage of development, i.e., from concept to design, and prototyping to mass production, using always the best technology and solutions. We give consulting as well in order to create high value products or improving the industrial processes of our clients.