Founded in 1965, ISQ is a private and independent company providing inspection, testing, training and technical consultancy.

We support our customers performance improvement and risk reduction, offering high quality and innovative services and solutions, helping their infrastructures, equipment, processes and products to meet the standards and regulations for quality, security, environment and social responsibility.

Our growth strategy is based on an increasingly important and sustained presence in the world thanks to our offices, delegations and associated companies in more than 15 countries.

We bet on innovation and continuous training of our human resources and offer our customers global and integrated solutions, adapted to their needs aiming to further increase the availability of their assets.

As a result of decades of experience, participation as inspecting entity in major industrial and civil projects in Portugal, involvement in international R&D and services carried out for entities such as CERN and ESA, our engineers and technical specialists have the due technical capacity and knowledge to ensure the quality of more than 250 services rendered by the ISQ.
The activities developed in more than 20 countries, the training actions carried out, the hundreds of R&D projects in which we participated and the number of companies created under the initiative of ISQ are an example of our strong dynamism and presence in the market.